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Zachary Burton

Zachary Burton

  • Graduate Researcher
  • Civil, Constr. and Environmental Eng
My interest in science and microbiology has been one that has evolved a lot over the years. Beginning back when I started doing research at Truman State University where I got my B.S. in Biology. There I gained an interest in microbiology through the classes I was taking and was able to gain valuable research experience through working on tick population dynamics/behavior research. From there I went on to attend Clemson University where conducted bacterial physiology research and obtained my M.S. in Microbiology. I then joined Iowa State University in Fall 2021 and joined the lab of Dr. Kaoru Ikuma in Spring 2022 after I finished my rotations. My current research topics are: identifying microbial influence corrosion inhibitors (MICI) relevant bacteria and studying how these microbes work within a biofilm.
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  • M.S. Microbiology, Clemson University 2021
  • B.S. Biology, Truman State University, 2019