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Chloe Wasendorf

Chloe Camille Wasendorf

  • Graduate Assistant
  • Plant Pathology and Microbiology
I’m a PhD student in the Interdepartmental Microbiology Graduate Program working with Dr. Nicholas Peters and Dr. Nancy Boury. My research has two prongs. The first being studying plant pathogens that cause soft rot in crops, like potatoes, carrots, and others. I am working on characterizing bacterial isolates through whole genome sequencing to further expand the understanding of these pathogens, as well as finding bacteriophage that have potential to be used as biocontrol of these pathogens in the field. The second prong of my research is in discipline-based science education. I work on collaborative projects building assessments to measure student understanding on topics in genetics, like mutations, pedigrees, epistasis, and epigenetics, and that can be used as tools to evaluate new or adapted teaching practices. Along with my research, I have been able to participate in a wide range of teaching opportunities in various microbiology undergraduate courses.

Contact Info

207 Science
2237 Osborn Dr.


  • B.S., Animal Science, Iowa State University, 2013

More Information

Major: Microbiology

Advisor: Dr. Nancy Boury