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Chiron Anderson

Chiron James Anderson

  • Graduate Student
  • Animal Science
I am a PhD student in the Interdepartmental Microbiology program working for Dr. Stephan Schmitz-Esser. My work focuses on increasing our understanding of ruminant microbiomes using 16s rRNA gene amplicon sequencing and metatranscriptomics approaches, as well as characterizing rumen derived isolates in the lab. My current projects include a meta-analysis of 16s data from rumen epithelial communities across 18 studies from around the world, as well as using metatranscriptomics approaches to draw key insights into expression patterns during subacute ruminal acidosis (SARA) and heat stress in dairy cattle. In addition to bioinformatics and bench work, I have gained some experience working with dairy cattle and taking samples from the rumen during cattle trials led by Lucas Koester.
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  • B.S., Microbiology, Virginia Tech, 2018
  • A.S., Science, Piedmont Virginia Community College, 2016

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Advisor: Dr. Stephan Schmitz-Esser