Outreach: Ames Science Fair

January 7, 2019

The Microbiology Graduate Student Organization (MGSO) had their 2018 Outreach event this October 2018 helping ay the Ames Science Fair located at Edwards Elementary School. This was a family event where grade school students and parents got to run from classroom to classroom to learn about different microbiology techniques!


Stations at the MGSO classroom entailed:

  • Station 1: Making Your Own Microbe!
    • Here the students were taught about motility, digestion, and morphology of some bacteria.
  • Station 2: See a Microbe or an Amoeba!
    • Aquarium water was collected and viewed under a microscope, which was displayed on a T.V. monitor so students could observe the swimming microbes.
  • Station 3: Take a Photo as a Scientist!
    • Here students had the ability to take a photo in a cardboard cutout as a Scientist wearing a lab coat.

MGSO member with StudentsMGSO member with Students


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