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  • Dr Shao

    Dr. Zengyi Shao in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering has received the Bailey Research Career Development Award for her project "Establishing a Novel Instrumental Model for Elucidating Mitochondrial DNA-Associated Dysfunction and Pathogenicity".

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    "Comparison of ZMAC and MARC-145 Cell Lines for Improving Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus Isolation from Clinical Samples.", "Rumen Epithelial Communities Share a Core Bacterial Microbiota: A Meta-Analysis of 16S rRNA Gene Illumina MiSeq Sequencing Datasets.", and more.

  • Debarpan Dhar

    Congratulations to Ph.D. candidate Debarpan Dhar for passing his preliminary exams! Congratulations to Jeannett Clampitt, for graduating with her Masters in Microbiology in the Department of Veterinary Microbiology & Preventive Medicine!

  • Dr Miller

    Dr. Cathy Miller in the Department of Veterinary Microbiology & Preventive Medicine has received the following grant: Defining mammalian orthoreovirus genome packaging signals to build a better vaccine and cancer therapy vector.

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    "Xylanase modulates the microbiota of ileal mucosa and digesta of pigs fed corn-based arabinoxylans likely through both a stimbiotic and prebiotic mechanism."

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    "Susceptibility of Domestic Swine to Experimental Infection with Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2.", “The biogeochemistry of ferruginous lakes and past ferruginous oceans.”, and more.

  • Dr Swanner

    Elizabeth Swanner, Assistant Professor in the Geologic and Atmospheric Sciences Department, received two new grants this past fall

  • Dr Swanner

    Elizabeth Swanner, Assistant Professor in the Geologic and Atmospheric Sciences Department, has been awarded the 2020 Early Achievement in Research Award from the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences at Iowa State University. This award recognizes a faculty member who has demonstrated outstanding accomplishments in research and/or creative activity unusually early in his or her professional career.  

    Congratulations Dr. Swanner!

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    "Transcriptomic Analysis of Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia coli during Initial Contact with Cattle Colonic Explants.", "Oral Treatment with Ileal Spores Triggers Immunometabolic Shifts in Chicken Gut.", and more.

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