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Dr Nancy Boury is published in Times Higher Education

Nancy Boury Receives Distance Education Teaching Award | College of  Agriculture and Life Sciences

Congratulations to Dr Nancy Boury on her article, "Why interactive and game-based instruction beats lecturing every time", which was recently published in Times Higher Education. This is a short invited essay intended to summarize the value and give examples of active learning in STEM classrooms.

"When people learn that I’m a college instructor, they invariably ask what I teach. “Students. I teach students,” I tell them, before providing details about my courses. I phrase it that way because students are the centre of my professional world; my job is  developing their knowledge and, hopefully, sparking their interest in microbiology specifically or science in general. Yes, the non-traditional methods I employ in the classroom require more work, but it’s time well spent if students become so engrossed in the activities that they forget they’re learning."

Read the article here.